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Welcome to the Green Valley Pickleball Club News website. Green Valley is located 30 miles south of Tucson, AZ. Green Valley Recreation (GVR) has seven Plexipave courts available for members and their guests. Courts are located: one block east of I-19 (exit 63) at Esperanza and Abrego at the East Social Center and two blocks west of I-19 (Canoa Ranch Road, Exit 56) at the Canoa Ranch Social Center. This website is designed to keep our members updated on activities of the Club and to inform them of the rapid progress of our sport locally and nationally.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Work Begins for East Center Pickleball Courts

Today GVR started work on clearing the area where the new pickleball courts will be built at East Center. Watch our website for updates!
4-14-15  Removal of the volleyball court has started.
4-14-15 Our favorite shade spot under the Chinese Elm tree may soon be gone! The branches on the west side of the tree were removed today.
4-15-15   No more shade!
4-21-15 Patio removed - no more fountain.
4-23-15 Everything is gone!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Duel in the Desert

Congratulations to our Club members who took medals at the Duel in the Desert held March 6-8 at Palm Creek in Casa Grande. With 477 participants this was the 3rd largest pickleball tournament held in  North America. And a big Thanks to all of our Club members who visited the tournament to support our players and to serve as referees.

Kathy Palese and Leon Roske - Bronze - 3.0.  John Wicklund and Gail Hoak - Silver - 3.5.
Donna Davis and Doug Cook - Gold - 3.5.  Mike Clemens and John Wicklund - Bronze- 3.5

Monday, March 9, 2015

Green Valley Senior Games - Thank You!!

Thanks to everyone that played, volunteered or just came to watch! We had 335 participants and 60 volunteer referees. We had over 75 volunteers who did it all - runners, check in, event desk, shirt folders and distribution, announcers, ref coordination, volunteer coordination, photographers, bracket posters. We couldn't do it without you!

The biggest Thank You goes to Jan Johnson for her hard work, patience and dedication as our Tournament Director. She did an amazing job!!!

Be sure and check out all the tournament photos. Click on the 'Photo Gallery' on the right and view two sets of photos - the tournament and the medalists.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Four new pickleball courts approved

The Green Valley Recreation Board of Directors has approved the construction of 4 pickleball courts at East Center. The plan is to have them built this summer and ready when our winter residents start returning in the Fall. Read more details:

GVR panel recommends more pickleball courts - Feb 12

Four pickleball courts OK'd, but demand is growing Feb 26

Editorial by GV News Editor - Feb 4

Friday, February 13, 2015

Winter Fun Games - Men

After a one day postponement due to high winds the men got to play on a beautiful day - Friday the 13th! Here are the medalists:
Agave Division - Bill McCartney (Bronze), Gary Stagner (Gold), Lee Nordhagen (Silver). Saguaro Division - Bill Haley (Bronze), Ken McCartney (Gold), Ralph Schlappi (Silver).

Yucca Division - Charlie Arkebauer (Gold), Jim Blain (Bronze), Dave Coffman (Silver). Cholla Division - Mike Gaidys (Gold), Bob Epstein (Bronze). Brad Dubuc (Silver), 

Prickly Pear Division - LeRoy Walter (Bronze), Del Bean (Silver), Jim Nein (Gold).  Ocotillo Division - Mike Cote (Gold), Bruce Palese (Silver), Carl Tuttle (Bronze).

The ladies in charge - Kathy Palese, Donna Coon, Louise Bouck, Cathy Ciferri.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Winter Fun Games - Women

It was a Fun day! Great weather and great competition. Be sure and visit the photo gallery (button on right) to see more photos of the action yesterday. Here are the medalists:
Cholla Division - Janet Nein (Bronze), Julie Rogoski (Gold), Charlotte Ayles (Silver),   Yucca Division - Gail Watson (Bronze) Ann Marsh (Gold), Donna Talarski (Silver)

Ocotillo Division - Rae Schlappi (Gold), Pam Vair (Silver), Pam Sweigart (Bronze).    Prickly Pear Division - Jan Johnson (Gold),  Marsha Olson (Silver), Sue Gibson (Bronze).

Saguaro Division - Jan Haskoe (Bronze), Linda Barclay (Silver), Terry Archambault (Gold).   Agave Division - Mary Ann Woodrow (Silver), Bev Cote (Gold), Suzanne Colby (Silver).

And thanks to the guys for running the tournament - Mike DiDonato, Ed Zimmermann, Tom Oliver, Dean  Olson.

Friday, January 16, 2015

GVPC Winners at Tucson Senior Olympics

Our Club had a great showing at the Tucson Senior Olympics this week. We had 32 players, many of our members volunteered to referee (Thanks!!) and we had medal winners!!! Congratulations to everyone who participated and brought home the gold, silver and bronze. Pictures - coming soon!


Mens Doubles
    50+  3.0  Bronze - Tim Hickman - Bob Peck
            3.5  Gold - Doug Cook - Ray Kuehl
            4.0  Bronze -  Gary Stagner - Rich Pokorski
    70+  3.5  Silver - Ron Woodrow - Tom Oliver

Womens Doubles
    50+  3.0  Bronze - Linda Barclay - Rae Schlappi
            4.0  Bronze - Suzanne Nordhagen - Carrie Rodgers
    70+  3.0  Gold - Jan Haggenmiller - Mary Lou Feldt
            Combined 3.0/3.5/4.0  Bronze - Jan Haggenmiller - Mary Lou Feldt

Mixed Doubles
    50+  3.0  Gold - Linda Barclay - Leon Roske
            3.5  Gold - Donna Davis - Doug Cook
            3.5  Bronze - Barb DiDonato - Mike DiDonato


Sunday, December 7, 2014

Women win gold at Voyager

Congratulations to our women's teams who were gold medalists at the Voyager Holiday Open Skill Level Tournament this weekend.

On left - Debra Forrester and Nancy Steffy (4.0 Gold)
On right - Mary Ann Woodrow and Bev Cote (3.5 Gold)