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Welcome to the GVR Pickleball Club website. Green Valley is located 20 miles south of Tucson, AZ. The GVR Pickleball Club is part of Green Valley Recreation, Inc. GVR has eleven pickleball courts available for members and their guests. Seven courts are located one block east of I-19 (exit 63) at Esperanza and Abrego at the East Social Center. Four courts are located two blocks west of I-19 (Canoa Ranch Road, Exit 56) at the Canoa Ranch Social Center. This website is designed to keep our members updated on activities of the Club and to inform them of the rapid progress of our sport locally and nationally.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Fall Fun Games - Food Drive

Thanks to everyone for all the donations to the food drive. We collected $400 in cash donations and a van full of food. Great job!!!

Fall Fun Games - Day 3 - Mixed

3.0 Mixed Combined Divisions - Tom Gaetzi, Louise Bouck, Nancy Wettach, Paul Serra (missing) - Bronze,  Hal McCallen, Silver - Dave Coffman, Bonnie Beilke, Joannie Davis , Larry Huitt- Gold,   Julie Rogoski, Kathee Richter, Jim Blain, 
- Silver,  

3.5 Mixed Combined Divisions - John Nelson, Pam Sweigart, Bev Cote, Ray Kuehl (missing) , Leon Roske  (tie), Carl Tuttle (tie) - Bronze,  John Wicklund, Nancy Steffy, Carol Hammerle, Mike Cote - Gold,  Mike Didonato, Suzanne Nordhagen, Mike Clemens, Jane Reiger (missing) - Silver
Red Division 2.5 - John Maneth & Donna Takarski - Bronze,  Peter Jackson & Sue Palfrey - Gold,  Roger Johnson & Barb Crane - Silver 

Blue Division 2.5 - Sandy Johnson & Luci Paz (tied) & David Chadsey (missing) - Silver,   Lisa Allen & Dean Barnes - Gold, Arni Maki, Yens Breining (missing) - Bronze

Fall Fun Games - Day 2 - Mens Doubles

Mens 3.5 - John Nelson & John Wicklund - Bronze,  Cameron Crawford & Rick Hamilton - Gold,  Ray Kuehl & Doug Cook - Silver

Mens 2.5 - David Chadsey & Dean Barnes - Bronze,  Barb Crane (sub for Tony Vitale) & Peter Jackson - Gold,  Arne Maki & Ferdinand LaRocca

Mens 3.0 - Tom Gaetzi & Dave Coffman - Bronze,  Don Nelson & Mike Conway - Gold,  Hal McCallen & Mark McIntosh - Silver

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Fall Fun Games - Day 1 - Womens Doubles

Medalists from the first day of our Fall Fun Games - Womens Doubles:
2.5 Medalist - Donna Talarski & Lynne Knight (Bronze), Lisa Allen & Sylvia Blain  (Gold), Barb Nelson & Luci Paz (Silver)

3.5+ Medalists - Phyllis Zuehlke & Suzane Nordhagen (Bronze), Nancy Steffy & Barb DiDonato (Gold), Carol Hammerle & Bex Cote (silver)

3.0 Medalists - Cathy Ciferri & Carolyn Tandy (Bronze), Louise Bouck & Julie Rogoski (Gold,) Sue Langley & Joannie Davis (Silver).
.0 Medalists - Chris Vogel, Marjan Hay, Kathy Wong, Ines Eddelman

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Fall Fun Games Information

The Fall Fun games are this Tuesday - Thursday (Nov 17 - 19). For information about the Tuesday and Wednesday events --> Mens and Womens Doubles Events and Start Times

We are also having a Food Drive for the Green Valley - Sahuarita Food Bank. For ideas on items needed --> Food Banks needs list (2 pages).

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Halloween Party

Thanks to Teresa McCormick, Cindy Weber and Marsha Olson for a great party!

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Fall Fun Games - Nov 17-19

Registration is now closed for our Fall Fun Games. They will take place Nov 17-19 at East Center. For more details click on SignUpGenius in the right sidebar or click here. Event details and times will be emailed Monday morning and posted here.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Fall Tournament Results